AIFR-01 Uniplan Analyser of Immune-Enzymatic Reactions

AIFR-01 Uniplan Analyser of Immune-Enzymatic Reactions
AIFR-01 Uniplan Analyser of Immune-Enzymatic Reactions
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Uniplan instrument is designed to measure optical density (concentration) of samples in single and dual-wave automatic modes, in a standard tablet of 96 microcuvettes.
Certificate on the Approval of Measurement Instrumentation Type. Registration Certificate Patent RF No. 2 035 716.
Uniplan third-generation instrument offers an interactive large-size colour display, which makes the operator’s work much easier. The multiple memory capacity allows the operator to easily tune the instrument, amend the parameters, and store a virtually unlimited number of test systems. About 500 existing test systems have already been filed into the memory of the instrument, with the memory being able storing up to 1,000 measurement protocols. The measurement range is up to 4 Bell, two-wave mode, with the measurement time of the table in two-way mode being 40 sec.
Uniplan instrument can be used in the following:
At patient healthcare institutions, State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Department (Gossanepidemnadzor), at hospitals, at blood transfusion stations, etc.:
— to carry out all types of immunological studies such as diagnostics of AIDS, hepatitis А, В, and С, influenza, identification of influenza virus (H5N1 strain), simple herpes, German measles, measles, smallpox, syphilis, pertussis, diphtheria, pneumococcal infection, tuberculosis, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, brucellosis, tularemia, tetanus, alpheococcosis, echinococcosis, cancer-embryonal antigen, etc.;
— to determine various classes of immunoglobulins (allergen if specific immunoglobulins, mioglobine, fibrine-fibrogene, etc.);
— to determine hormones (thyroid hormone [Т4, Т3], diagnostics of pregnancy [chorionic gonadotropin], cortisol, progesterone, prolactine, hypophyseal hormone [TTH], etc.);
— to diagnose the auto-immune process of thyroid;
— to determine enzymes and other bioactive substances and their activity, including using kinetic methods; and
— for any other types and diseases and determinations for which test systems are available.
At veterinary institutions:
— to diagnose birds viruses, as well as to diagnose and identify the virus of birds influenza, diseases of Gamboro, Marek, etc.;
— to diagnose bacterial and viral infections of large and small cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, and other mammals, for example, the viruses of leucosis and infectious rhinotracheitis of large cattle, virus of swine fever, virus of dog distemper, tuberculosis, rhota and corona-virus infection, etc.;
— for early diagnostics of pregnancy and endocrinal pathology of the reproductive function of live-stock animals, for example, for the early diagnostics of pregnancy of horses, pigs, sheep, determination of optimum timelines for artificial inseminations, etc.;
— for quantitative determination of hormones and other physiologically active substances in biological fluids of mammals, for example, thyroxin—to diagnose hypothyroidism, progesterone—to determine the optimum timelines for coupling female species, early (3−5 months) detection of highly productive heifers in a herd of the same genotype; and
— to control the contents of substances hazardous and banned for use in products of animal and vegetarian origins, in fodder and fodder additives, for example, growth-promoting substances (stilbens, thyreostatics, steroid hormones, etc.), antibiotics, sulfanilamides, micotoxines, dioxins, etc.
Uniplan instrument provides for the following:
— automatic fastening of the tablet when fitted into the measuring compartment;
— printing out of results in a tabular format, with the form matching the tablet, on a standard А4 sheet using a printer;
— connection of an external computer via the RS232 line (a connection cable to communicate the computer, with the software shipped as per separate order);
— recording of the produced results into memory with the option of their viewing with a sensor display;
— an audible signalisation of all modes and operation completion; and
— diagnostics of the operator’s possible errors.

Overall dimensions: 300×280×140 mm Power consumption: no more than 40 W Weight: 5 kg Wavelength range: within 400−750 nm Optical range 0.001−4.000 units of optical density Linearity, deviation no more than, for 0.01−3.5 OD ± 0.5% Reproducibility 0.2% Rate of reading a complete plate (in the two-wave mode): 40 sec Display type: colour interactive LCD (touch-screen) Number of embedded programs (calculation methodologies): up to 900 Storage of data and measurement protocols in the photometer’s memory: up to 1,000 protocols

300*280*140 mm
Power consumption
не более 40 W
5 kg
The range of wavelengths Within
400-750 nm
Optical range
0,001 - 4,000 units of optical density
отклонение не более для 0,01-3,5 ОП ± 0.5%
0.2 %
Reading speed of the full die (two-wave mode)
40 sec
Number of built-in programs (calculation methods)
До 900
Storage of measurement data and protocols in the photometer memory
До 1000 протоколов
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