Test Paper to Detect Coli Bacilli

Test Paper to Detect Coli Bacilli
Test Paper to Detect Coli Bacilli
Test Paper to Detect Coli Bacilli
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The test paper meets the requirements of TU 6−09−1-85 standard.
The test paper has been attested by the country’s leading Vektor State Scientific Center for Virusology and Biotechnology and recommended for use by the Test Laboratory of food products and foods raw stuff by the Novosibirsk Standardisation, Metrology and Certification Center of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification.
Unlike the outdated test paper made by Baltic countries of the ex-USSR and developed in late 80's of the past century, the new-generation test paper offers greater sensitivity and rigidity in the impregnated state, is indifferent to the light exposure, nor does result in hyper diagnostics (it detects only the coli bacillae!), because it uses the most recent selective biochemical indicators of the new generation which are included into the so-called «euro-tests».
Use of the test paper is an effective express method for determination and estimation of bacterial contaminations, which replaces labour-intensive methods for seeding samples and growing bacterial colonies on solid agarised media in Petri dishes.
As compared to other methodologies which use solid agarised media, the methodology using the test paper during microbiological monitoring:
— is very convenient and easy in practical use;
— allows a substantial reduction in time spent for analysis and reduction in production costs;
— does not need sterilising machines and extra consumables (agar, a substrate for growing bacteria);
— eliminates the need for washing and sterilisation of a great number of dirty test tubes and Petri dishes; and
— provides a direct result on the number of bacteria in the sample being examined, as is required by the GOST.
The test paper can be used for in-factory control over the processes for production of milk, milk products and other liquid foodstuffs, sourdough, for sanitary hygienic control of equipment and finished product that has no regulatory indicators.
With the test paper, the washout from the equipment is examined from the area 100 cm2 in 10 cm3 of saline, as per pars. 2.8 and 2.19 of the Guidelines for Microbiological Control at Enterprises of Milk Industry.
Milk samples are examined directly (without dilution) and after preliminary dilution in a saline following the guidelines set out in the document Methods for Microbiological Examination as per GOST 9225.
Samples of cultured milk products and butter are examined only after dilution since acid and fat impede detection of coli bacillae on the test paper.
The minimum delivery batch is 100 pcs.

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