Preg-Test Pig Pregnancy Indicator

Preg-Test Pig Pregnancy Indicator
Preg-Test Pig Pregnancy Indicator
Preg-Test Pig Pregnancy Indicator
Preg-Test Pig Pregnancy Indicator
Preg-Test Pig Pregnancy Indicator
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  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Efficient in use
  • Maximum precision of pregnancy diagnosis


Preg-Test pig pregnancy indicator is designed for express diagnostics of sows during the period from 25th to the 70th day after insemination. The authenticity for determination of pig pregnancy from the 25th to the 30th day and from the 60th to 70th days after insemination amounts to at least 95%. Within the interval between the 30th to 60th days—no less than 98%.

Operating Principle

Preg-Test indicator is operated following the technique of acoustic probing of the body. The idea of technique is in the control over the changes in parameters of pulses reflected by inner organs when they are filled with liquids.
The probe applied to the sow’s body directs a beam of ultrasounds which, after reflection from the uterine horn filled with waters, return thus causing changes to the signal generated by the device. The green C indication accompanied by a sound signal points to the presence of amniotic fluids and thus means the sow is pregnant. The red K indication is a sign of a stable acoustic contact between the screen sensor and the skin.
Vegetable oil or engine oil can be used as contact lubrication.
The K indicator is also used to control the battery voltage. If the battery is charged, then on each press of the Start button the K indicator flashes for a short time. If the battery voltage is below the admissible level, then on pressing the Start button the microcontroller disables the light indication, and upon the repeated press the indicators are not glowing. In that case, the battery needs to be replaced.
Portable, easy to maintain, and efficient in operation, the instrument allows for a maximum precision of pregnancy diagnostics. This facilitates selection of pregnant animals and allows to avoid the costs related to feeding and maintaining barren animals.

0,3 kg
d=40х200 mm
Operating temperature
0...+40 °C
Relative humidity of the air
не более 98 %
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