Nitron-рН рН-meter Thermometer

Стоимость указана БЕЗ учета первичной поверки, которая составляет 5000 р.

Nitron-рН рН-meter Thermometer
Nitron-рН рН-meter Thermometer
Nitron-рН рН-meter Thermometer
Nitron-рН рН-meter Thermometer
Nitron-рН рН-meter Thermometer
20 000
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  • Warranty: 3 years

Listed in the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation under Nr. 27 376−09 and approved for application in the Russian Federation.

Certificate of Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology of Russian Federation No. 37 656.

Certificate No. 3255 issued by the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Certificate No. 4126 of the National Committee for Standardisation in the Republic of Belarus.

Nitron pH рН-meter Thermometer is designed to measure activity of hydrogen ions (рН), oxidation-reduction potential (Еh), and temperatures of aqueous solutions. The device operating principle is based on using direct potentiometry technique.

Can be used as a high-ohmic millivoltmeter:

— while measuring EMF at the output of electrode system;

— during potentiometric titration.

While measuring whole milk рН the instrument recalculates рН into a value of titrated milk acidity (°Т).

The basic delivery set includes: Nitron-pH device—1 pc, power source—1 pc, thermal compensator—1 pc, AA battery —2 pcs, power source— pc, рН=4.01 and рН=6.86 calibration solutions (200 ml each), a PC communication cable—1 pcs, software CD—1 pcs, working documentation.

Because of the wide options variety, the device is not supplied with electrodes!

  • Shock-proof housing
  • Large informative LCD screen
  • Nonvolatile memory, embedded clock, and user notepad
  • Automatic calibration for 1 to 6 points
  • Powered from 220V AC mains or AA batteries
  • Manual or automatic thermal compensation
  • Can be connected to a PC to view measurement results
  • Up to 5 measuring electrodes can be plugged in with a switch

Measurement range
0...14 pH
-1500...+1500 mV
0...100 °C
Measurement deviation
0,02 pH
Electromotive force in the range ±999.9
±1 mV
Electromotive force in the rest of the range
±2 mV
±0,2 °C
178х98х45 mm
0,5 kg

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