рНep 4 pH Meter

рНep 4 pH Meter
рНep 4 pH Meter
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The pocket-size рНep4 рН-meter is designed to measure activity of hydrogen ions — рН and temperature of liquids. It belongs to a new generation of pocket-size instruments and offers functionality which was available only in expensive fixed instruments. рНер4 offers all advantages of earlier models and is also equipped with a large two-line display, a replaceable combined electrode, an integrated thermal sensor highlighting current temperature readings on the display, as well as a fully waterproof housing, output of self-diagnostics code on the display, a feature of readings stabilization, a menu of user settings.
The рНер family is highly popular among pocket-size рН-meters. Standing out for precision, ease of use, strength, advanced technologies, these pH meters are designed for use at both laboratory and field conditions.
  • Damp-proof housing
  • Large two-line display
  • Sample temperature highlighted on the display
  • The HOLD feature: allows retaining the current readings on the display
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Readings stability indicator
  • Integrated replaceable pH-electrode

complete set
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175х41х23 mm
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