testo 206-pH1 meter

testo 206-pH1 meter
testo 206-pH1 meter
testo 206-pH1 meter
testo 206-pH1 meter
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  • Warranty: 1 year

Pocket-size рН-meter Testo 206 рН2 is designed to measure activity of hydrogen ions — рН and temperature of semi-solid media (рН1 — pH and temperature of liquids, рН3 — рН and temperatures of liquids and semi-liquid media). Very comfortable for pH measurement of cheese, meat, jelly, various creams, fruits.
The instrument is made in a strong plastic housing and is also equipped with a water-proof jacket and a holder to carry over the shoulder, or for fastening on a vertical surface.
Automatic calibration can be performed for one, two, or three points with рН values 4; 7; 10.
The gauge plug is user-replaceable if necessary.
  • High precision of measurements
  • Does not require maintenance (gel electrolyte)
  • Built-in thermal compensator
  • Strong housing
  • Water-proof jacket
  • A storage gel cap
  • Automatic calibration and thermal compensation

Measurement range
0...14 pH
0...60 °C
Measurement deviation
±0,2 pH
±0,4 °C
110х33х20 mm
0,135 kg
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