рНep+ pH Meter

рНep+ pH Meter
рНep+ pH Meter
рНep+ pH Meter
рНep+ pH Meter
рНep+ pH Meter
17 950
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  • Warranty: 6 months

  • Compact strong housing
  • Automatic thermal compensation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Replaceable electrode
  • User-friendly display
The pocket-size рНер+ рН-meter is designed to determine numerical factors of acidity or alkalinity of aqueous medium and can be used in both laboratory and field conditions. The automatic thermal compression provides for a high measurement precision.
The instrument is calibrated automatically for 2 points.
The electrode is replaceable and can be easily replaced with a new one in case of failure.
Due its small size and fairly high precision, the рНер+ instrument can be used as the pocket-size рН-meter in various spheres.

Measurement range
0...14 pH
Measurement deviation
±0,1 pH
175х41х23 mm
0,08 kg
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