Nitron 01 Ion Meter

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Nitron 01 Ion Meter
Nitron 01 Ion Meter
Nitron 01 Ion Meter
Nitron 01 Ion Meter
Nitron 01 Ion Meter
Nitron 01 Ion Meter
31 000
Price with VAT
  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Shock-proof housing
  • Large contrast LCD screen
  • Nonvolatile memory, embedded clock, and user notepad
  • Powered from 220V AC mains or batteries of AA type
  • Manual or automatic thermal compensation
  • Automatic calibration of 1 to 6 points (in рН mode), semi-automatic — in others
  • Up to 5 measuring electrodes can be plugged in with a switch
  • Can be connected to a PC to view measurement results
  • Extra protection against interference in the power supply mains

Instrument description

Nitron 01 ion meter is designed to conduct measurements in liquid media:

— indicator of рХ (рН) ion activity,

— oxidation-reduction potential Eh,

— nitrates concentration,

— temperature.

The methodology for measurements is based on measurement of electromotive force (EMF) of the electric cell formed by the system from the measurement and auxiliary electrodes connected to the instrument and lowered into the solution being analyzed.

The high input resistance of the instrument (over 1012 Ω) allows operating most domestically produced and foreign electrodes (with resistance up to 1000 MΩ).

The instrument is equipped with a large LCD screen that displays all required information on the condition of the instrument and regulates the sequence of user actions. The screen can be backlit.

The instrument offers a user-friendly interface that allows changing all menu settings and saving in the memory after the power-off. The instrument provides for measurement of activity and concentration for 34 various ions. The parameters of calibrations performed per each ion can also be saved into the instrument’s memory. Further on, to carry out measurements simply plug in the required measuring electrode in a pair with the reference electrode and select respective measurement mode (provided the calibration was performed with that very measuring electrode).

The calibration is semi-automatic — for 2 to 6 points, for the values of рХ, рН, or рС of reference solutions. Calibration for any of the 6 points is possible. During the calibration, electrodes are diagnosed according to the value of electrode transconductance.

If the instrument is supplied with an electronic switch, up to 5 various measuring electrodes can be plugged in simultaneously. The switch is controlled manually or automatically with a command sent from the instrument. Select the type of the measured ion (the number of the switch channel is selectable by the user for any of 34 ions) to plug in the required electrode.

Use of the thermometer mode allows for conducting fast and precise temperature measurements with the range from 0 to +100°С. Working length of the thermal compensator is 150 mm, diameter — 4 mm. The sensor is of platinum type. Due to the manufacturing precision, the thermal compensator can be replaced without re-calibrations.

The instrument is compatible to ion-selective electrodes made in CIS countries, as well as foreign countries, that have the BNC or the «single-pole plug» connector.

The instrument has a communication port to connect to the PC (RS — 232). The instrument is shipped with the software.

At the customer’s discretion and under a separate order, the instrument may be supplied with the following items: electrodes for рН and ion-metric measurements; chemicals; plastic glasses; measures; devices for sample preparation and titration; a tripod to install electrodes; a magnetic mixer; an electronic switch.

Measurement range
PX (pH)
Nitrate concentration
3,1...9 800 mg/kg
±3 000 mV
0...100 °C
Measurement deviation
PX (pH)
Nitrate concentration
5% mg/kg
Electromotive force in the range ±999.9
±1 mV
Electromotive force in the rest of the range
±2 mV
±0,2 °C
0,8 kg
178х98х45 mm

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