VТ10 Circulation Thermostat

VТ10 Circulation Thermostat
VТ10 Circulation Thermostat
VТ10 Circulation Thermostat
VТ10 Circulation Thermostat
VТ10 Circulation Thermostat
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  • Warranty: 24 months

  • General-purpose thermostat
  • The bath is made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable rate of heating and cooling
  • External temperature sensor can be plugged in
  • Systems for self-diagnostics and protection
  • Built-in timer

General-purpose circulation thermostat VT with various baths made of stainless steel. The range of temperature adjustment is within +20…+200°С. The baths are 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 18, and 25 litres in capacity.

Various models of the BT thermostat are designed to maintain target temperature of a liquid heat carrier circulating in the inner bath of the thermostat and in the plugged external consumers. As external consumers, thermostatic circuits of laboratory chemical reactors, measuring instrumentation and other equipment can be connected.

Advanced systems for self-diagnostics and protection, to control temperature rise of the heat carrier over a set value, level of heat carrier in the bath, temperature of the pump motor, failure of heaters and control units thereof.

Power-on/off at a preset time is performed in accordance with the integrated clock.

Adaptive self-tuning temperature regulator.

The temperature can be adjusted according to a program that comprises 10 temperature-time intervals.

Choice of optimal adjustments depending on the heat carrier used.

Adjustable heating/cooling rate of the heat carrier.

An external temperature sensor can be plugged in.

Pumps made of stainless steel, bearings, and spring couplings of original design used in the drive ensure a long operation of thermostats with any heat carrier within a wide range of temperatures.

Careful handling of polymethylsiloxane (PMS) heat carriers extends their operation life.

Handy integrated stopwatch for time keeping while conducting measurements.

The following items are optional: external controlling sensor, USB interfaces, RS-232, or RS-485.

Measurement range
Operating temperature
+20...200 °C
Accuracy of setting the temperature
±1 °C
Power consumption
2200 W
Working fluid volume
10 l
Overall dimensions of the bath
120 х 200 х 200 mm
Overall dimensions of the device
400 х 275 х 480 mm
14 kg
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