LOIP LB-224 Water-bath

LOIP LB-224 Water-bath
LOIP LB-224 Water-bath
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  • Warranty: 24 months


The precision thermostatic bath LOIP LB-224 is designed for temperature control of objects within the work space of the bath.
LOIP LB-224 bath is equipped with a microprocessor-based thermal regulator that provides precise temperature maintenance, and a bladed mixer for intense mixing of the working fluid.
The bath is a good choice for tasks that require high precision of maintaining the temperature.
Design features:
A microprocessor-based PID controller allows for maintaining temperature of the heat carrier at the precision ±0.1°С.
An integrated bladed mixer (1,400 RPM) provides effective mixing of the working fluid.
A bright LED screen displays current and target temperatures at 0.1°С increments.
A cooling heat exchanger is pluggable to the water supply system to attain temperatures lower than the room temperature.
Splash-proof control panel.
A working bath made of hot-formed stainless steel stands out with long operation life and convenience in cleaning.
A 70 mm high lid made of stainless steel.
  • User-friendly menu, simplicity of operation
  • Powerful heater unit
  • Two point calibration
  • The bath is made of stainless steel w/o welding seams
  • Digital indication of actual and target temperatures.
  • Microprocessor-based heat regulator

Measurement range
(Токр+10)…+100 °C
With tap water cooling
(Тводы+5)…+100 °C
Accuracy of setting the temperature
±0,1 °C
Power consumption
2200 W
Supply voltage
220±20 V
Working fluid volume
24 l
вода, водно-глицериновая смесь
Overall dimensions of the bath
360х296 / 200 mm
Overall dimensions of the device
532х335х400 mm
15,7 kg
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