BV-8 Water-bath

BV-8 Water-bath
BV-8 Water-bath
BV-8 Water-bath
BV-8 Water-bath
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  • Warranty: 6 months

Laboratory water-bath BV-8 is designed for use at enterprises of the milk industry and agriculture as a reductase unit, for warming up butyrometers, conducting serological and bacteriological analyses.
The water-bath is made as a desktop instrument and comprises an external housing, a bath, and a block of thermal control. The bath is jacketed into an external housing thus protecting the personnel against burns and reducing the heat emission. The instrument comes bundled with a lid and a tripod for test tubes.
Adjustment of BV-8 bath thermal regulator
Upon the first power-on or on changing the temperature mode, it is necessary to adjust the thermal regulator:
— Set the «temp. set» potentiometer knob to approximately the second point.
— In 30 minutes, check the temperature with a thermometer. If the temperature is different from the required, adjust the «temp. set» potentiometer. Greater values at the scale of the potentiometer meet the greater temperature and vice versa.
— In 10−15 minutes, check the temperature with a thermometer. If necessary, adjust the «temp. set» potentiometer again.
After the temperature has been stabilized, BV-8 bath is ready for operation.
Setting of the temperature mode is retained after powering off the water-bath provided the ambient temperature is stable.
  • Microprocessor unit for temperature control
  • Simple and reliable design

Operating temperature
+25...+80 °C
Accuracy of setting the temperature
±1 °C
Supply voltage
220 V
Power consumption
120 W
Working fluid volume
8 l
Overall dimensions of the bath
290х230х200 mm
Overall dimensions of the device
420х300х280 mm
Material *
7 kg
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