LOIP LB-140 Water-bath

LOIP LB-140 Water-bath
LOIP LB-140 Water-bath
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  • Warranty: 24 months

LOIP LB-140 water-bath is applicable for tasks that do not require high accuracy for maintaining the temperature.
The simple and easy-to-use LOIP LB-140 model is equipped with mode indicators and electronic temperature regulator, as well as an overheat control system.
Design features:

The case of the bath is made of polished stainless steel. Use of the material secures both long service life and chemical stability, and ensures a magnificent appearance. Temperature can be adjusted with the twist knob providing for control accuracy ±2°С. A set of 4 concentric rings allows for placement of different flasks (max volume is 1 litre), beakers, evaporating dishes, etc. The heating element is protected against overheating problems (e.g. in case of heat-carrier level lowering). The control unit is equipped with heater state indicators and emergency breaker trip LEDs.

  • Can’t be simpler
  • Reliable
  • The best value for your money

Measurement range
Operating temperature
+5...+100 °C
Accuracy of setting the temperature
±1 °C
Supply voltage
220 V
Power consumption
1100 W
Number of jobs
4 pcs
Diameter of holes
110 mm
Working fluid volume
10 l
Overall dimensions of the bath
290х275 / 70 mm
Overall dimensions of the device
405х300х140 mm
5,5 kg
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