MF-50 Humidity Analyzer

MF-50 Humidity Analyzer
MF-50 Humidity Analyzer
MF-50 Humidity Analyzer
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  • Warranty: 5 years

The humidity meter is designed to measure the humidity (weight fraction of humidity) of solid, monolithic, loose, paste-like materials, water suspensions, and non-aqueous fluids.

The humidity meter can be used in agriculture, at enterprises and scientific research laboratories in various industries.

The humidity meter is implemented following the principle of thermogravimetric analysis which implies drying the sample of a known initial mass, weighing the residue, and calculation of the relative mass change. The humidity value of a sample is calculated automatically using this formula: H=100%x (MH-МС)/ MH, where MH is the mass of a humid sample, with МС being the mass of a dried sample.

In terms of design, the humidity meter is made in an integral housing and comprises a weighing unit, a heating source (halogen lamp) located in the lid that covers the instrument and control and processing block. On the housing of humidity meters, there is a level gauge.

The humidity meter offers the following features:

− Self-testing;

− Adjustment in the incremental indication for the mass of a sample being weighed;

− Adjustment in the incremental indication for the relative humidity of a sample;

− Switching among the units of humidity variation (humid base in %, dry base in %, gram equivalent in grams)

− Calibration of the weight measuring device;

− Timer;

− Displaying the current value of velocity for measuring the mass fraction of moisture;

− Displaying the results of measurements for generation of reports in GLP, GMP, and ISO formats;

− Volatile memory to register measurement results;

− Service features that set the drying modes; and

− RS-232С interface to connect to the PC or a printer.

  • High precision
  • Excellent reproducibility of results
  • 5 drying modes
  • Ease of handling
  • Compliance with the GLP, GMP, and ISO requirements

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