Fauna-P Grain Moisture Meter

Fauna-P Grain Moisture Meter
Fauna-P Grain Moisture Meter
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The flow grain moisture meter Fauna-P is designed to measure moisture weight fraction (moisture content) in grain crops (wheat, rye, barley, oats, and soy) as well as oil-bearing crops (sunflower, flax).

The moisture meter Fauna-P can be used to measure moisture content in the process of drying in carousel-type driers and other driers during harvesting, reprocessing of grain crops at enterprises of agro industrial complex and foods industry.

The moisture meter Fauna-P can also be used to measure moisture content of other grain crops and grain products, as well as solid loose substances during additional calibration.

Design and operation

The moisture meter Fauna-P implements the dielcometric (capacitance) moisture measurement technique. It is a microprocessor-controlled device that provides on-screen display of the values of moisture, temperature, and names of the controlled grain crops or oil-bearing crops, output of an analogous signal proportional to the moisture value, to build systems for automatic control of the drying process, introduce manual correction of results of moisture measurement in order to compensate for the effect of external effective factors, as well as selection of crops to control.

In terms of design, the moisture meter Fauna-P is made of two parts - a sensor, and an indicating unit interlinked with a cable.

The sensor comprises two metal bands which make up a capacitor. Variation in the electrical capacitance is functionally related to the changes in moisture of the crop being controlled. The measuring unit installed between the parallel metal bands converts the values of capacitance into a signal of measurement information which is transferred to the indicator unit over the connection cable.

The indication unit comprises a microprocessor and elements of the measuring transducer. On the front panel, there is a display, a «Select» button to select controlled crops as well as the two «Correction» buttons — «+» and «-» to enter corrections to the moisture readings. On the right-hand wall of the unit, there is a power switch. On the bottom wall, there are connectors of the connection cable and a signaling cable, an inlet of the power cable, and a fuse holder.

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