Fauna-VK Grain Moisture Meter

Fauna-VK Grain Moisture Meter
Fauna-VK Grain Moisture Meter
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  • Warranty: 18 months

Listed in the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation under No. 23 695−02 and approved for application by the Gosstandart of Russian Federation.

The moisture meter Fauna-VK is designed to measure the moisture content in grain products (cereals: wheat «Poltavskaya», GOST 276; buckwheat, grade 1, unground, GOST 5550; barley (fine-ground), GOST 5784; barley (pearl barley), GOST 5784; rice, grade 1, GOST 6292; millet (ground), grade 1, GOST 572; corn, GOST 60 024 semolina (grade «М»), GOST 7022), at grain reprocessing plants and enterprises involved in grain product storage, as well as other enterprises where express analysis of moisture content right at the sampling site is required.

The moisture meter Fauna-VK can be used to measure the moisture content of other grain products and loose substances during its additional calibration, and the list of controlled grain products can be extended to 20 items or replaced with other types.

Prior to starting the instrument, closely review the manual and install the power battery. Prior to the measurements, move the scoop out of the measuring chamber and make sure the chamber is empty, dry, and clean. If necessary, wipe the chamber with soft dry cloth. By no means do not blow the measuring chamber, as the condensate that is generated may result in measurement errors.

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