Fauna-M Grain Moisture Meter

Fauna-M Grain Moisture Meter
Fauna-M Grain Moisture Meter
Fauna-M Grain Moisture Meter
Fauna-M Grain Moisture Meter
Fauna-M Grain Moisture Meter
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  • Warranty: 18 months

Listed in the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation under No. 21 612−01 and approved for application by the Gosstandart of Russian Federation.

Certificate by Gosstandart RF No. 10 513. Certified in the Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Number in the State Register of Russian Federation of Measurement Instrumentation:

Belarus — РБ 03 09 1495 01

Kazakhstan — KZ.02.03.67−2002/21 612−01

Ukraine — 21 612 — 01


The grain moisture meter Fauna-M is a microprocessor-controlled device designed to measure moisture content in grain crops (wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, buckwheat, peas, corn, rice) and oil-bearing crops (rape, sunflower) in field conditions, during the harvesting, post-harvesting processing and drying of grain at threshing-floors, in placing grain at storages, where express analysis of moisture contents right at the sampling site is required.

The moisture meter Fauna-M can be used to measure moisture content in other crops or loose substances during their additional (individual) calibration, development, and attestation of methodologies for running measurements (MRM).

Moisture Measurement

Press the power-on button for one-two seconds. The display briefly shows the battery status and the moisture measurement mode, and then the upper line displays the name of the crop, or the label «SCALE UE», and the bottom line — the label «SELECT CROP».

Press the button shortly several times until the name of the grain to be controlled is displayed. In 3 seconds, the moisture meter automatically switches to the moisture measurement mode and then powers off in 5 seconds.

Use a scoop to pour the grain (cereal) without compacting it to the measuring chamber up to the edges to the full. Put the scoop aside.

Press the power-on button for one-two seconds and log in to the «MOISTURE MEASUREMENT» mode. Release the button. The display will highlight the name of the selected grain (cereal), and the digital result for measuring moisture content. The moisture meter powers off in 5 seconds automatically.

Pour the grain out of the measurement chamber. To make results more precise, repeat the procedure three times and calculate the average value.


1. Do not set the name of the grain (cereal) during repeated measurements conducted for the same crop.

2. Every time the (power-on) button is pressed, the measurement lasts for 5 seconds, followed by automatic power-off of the moisture meter.

3. If the moisture contents of the controlled grain (cereal) is below or above measurement range limits, the display highlights zeros or tens, respectively.

  • Fast moisture measurement
  • Simplicity of operation
  • 15−20 calibrations for various products
  • Portable device
  • Additional calibrations

Measurement range
4,5...35 %
The range of measuring the humidity of oilseeds
6,5...20 %
Measurement deviation
Humidity measurement error in the range up to 17%
0,5...1 %
Humidity measurement error in the range over 17%
1...1,5 %
Measurement time
Size of the sample
270 cm³
Supply voltage
батарея 9В V
191х104х56 mm
0,33 kg
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