Microscope Altami “Shkolny”

Microscope Altami “Shkolny”
Microscope Altami “Shkolny”
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  • Warranty: 6 months

The microscope Altami «Shkolny» allows for observation of transparent objects in transmitted light against light background, and opaque objects in the reflected light while performing educational and laboratory works in the field of biology, zoology, botany, anatomy, and physics.
The convenient focusing handles are located on one axis and brought from both sides of the tripod. To prevent the failure of the instrument and objective lenses, the lift of the objective table is limited by a stop screw.
The 40x magnification objective lens is equipped with a spring-loaded mount which prevents the instrument and the frontal objective lens from damage while focusing at small distances.
Altami «Shkolny» is a mobile and functional monocular biological microscope. Its high-quality operating characteristics and reliability will let you use the microscope for many years ahead.
— An adapter is shipped under a separate order and is not part of the standard delivery set.

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