Biolam-I Biological Microscope

Biolam-I Biological Microscope
Biolam-I Biological Microscope
580 000
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The Biolam-I microscope is used for research in health care, ecology, biology and other sciences and technologies.
The biological microscope Biolam-I is designed to observe and photograph objects in transmitted and reflected light in laboratory conditions.
In the transmitted illumination method, the observations are carried out with the use of planachromatic objectives against light (direct and cross- light) and in dark backgrounds.
The microscope is equipped with pancreatic lens system to create optimal conditions of illumination in transmitted light. When observing in reflected light, the research work can be performed against light and dark background.
The microscope is equipped with a photomicrographic attachment MFN-11 with binocular observation that is used to photograph objects.
The Biolam-I microscope allows you to carry out phase contrast observations with the use of the KF-4 unit (optional).

  • Designed to observe and photograph
  • Provided with pancratic lens system
  • Photomicrographic attachment with binocular observation
  • Phase contrast observation
  • Observations against light and dark background

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