Mikmed 5 Microscope

Mikmed 5 Microscope
Mikmed 5 Microscope
Mikmed 5 Microscope
Mikmed 5 Microscope
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  • Warranty: 6 months

Mikmed-5 microscope can be used in medicine, biology, chemistry, etc., as well as for educational purposes. It is designed to analyze miscellaneous objects in transmitted light against a light background.
MIKMED-5 medical microscope has been introduced into the National Registry of Products of Medical Purpose, it has registration certificate FS 2 012 005/1915−05, and certificate of compliance ROSS RU. IM13.V01814.
As an extra order for the purpose of enhancing the scope for object investigation, the microscope can be additionally equipped with the following items which are not included into the basic kit:
ocular of 5x magnification force
ocular of 10x magnification force with a mesh
ocular of 10x magnification force with a scale
ocular of 16x magnification force;
achromatic objective lens of 20x magnification force; and
achromatic objective lens of 60x magnification force.
  • Value for money optimum for conditions in Russia
  • Simplicity and convenience of operation
  • Modern appearance
  • Convenient layout of handles for focusing mechanism and table movement
  • 4-socket revolver
  • Two-coordinate table with a wide specimen travel range
  • Binocular attachment with the option to adjust the eye base within 55−75 mm
  • Quality lighting system
  • Compact power source with adjustment of lamp brightness integrated into the microscope base
  • New microscope of the Mikmed series

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