Mikromed -1, ver. 1-20 Microscope

Mikromed -1, ver. 1-20 Microscope
Mikromed -1, ver. 1-20 Microscope
Mikromed -1, ver. 1-20 Microscope
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  • Warranty: 6 months

The microscope 1 ver. 2−20 can be used in various fields of medicine, in biology, botany, chemistry, and other sciences. It is also used during diagnostic examinations in clinics and hospitals, as well as for educational purposes in higher and secondary educational institutions. The microscope allows you to study smears and sections of colored and uncolored biological objects.
Observation and morphological examination of preparations using the microscope MIKROMED 1 ver. 2−20 are carried out in the transmitted light against the light background, as well as with an optional dark-field condenser.
The microscope 1 ver. 2−20 allows for real-time image display on the PC screen using a video eyepiece (optional). The video eyepiece is installed into one of the drawtubes instead of the eyepiece.
As an extra order for the purpose of enhancing the scope for object investigation, the microscope can be additionally equipped with the following items which are not included into the core kit:
• Dark-field condenser (dry А0,9 or immersion-type А1,36−1,25);
• Video eyepiece (1,3 MP, 3 MP, 5MP) with software for viewing and editing image on the computer;
• Eyepieces 5х/18; 12,5х/15; 16х/15; 20х/11, eyepiece 10х/18 with a scale, eyepiece 10х/18 with a mesh;
• Objective lenses 20х/0,4; 60х/0,85
  • Ergonomic support
  • Two-coordinate objective table
  • Coaxial rough and accurate focusing mechanism
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Simplicity and convenience of operation
  • Modern appearance

Magnification of the microscope
40 - 1000 times
Visual nozzle
Angle of inclination of the nozzle
45 deg
Increasing the nozzle
широкопольные 10/18
Revolver device
на 4 объектива
4x/0,1; 10x/0,25; 40x/0,65; 100x/1,25 ми
The object table
125х130 mm
Condenser device
Центрируемый конденсор Аббе
Light source
галогеновая лампа 6В/20Вт
Supply voltage
220 V
180x290x380 mm
5 kg
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