ТМR-МG4 Modular Registering Thermometer

ТМR-МG4 Modular Registering Thermometer
ТМR-МG4 Modular Registering Thermometer
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ТМR-МG4 Modular Registering Thermometers comprise an electronic unit and standalone small-size modules (with the possibility to plug in up to 20 modules to a single electronic unit) and are designed for continuous registration of temperatures of various objects and media with time (up to 15 days), as well as humidity and air temperature.
The modules are air-tight and vibration-resistant. The thermometers are supplied with modules of the following three modifications:
МG4-Т (type А) is designed for operation at increased temperature values (up to 120°С) in climatic, steaming and drying chambers at reinforced concrete plants and at other sites; is equipped with a magnetic platform;
МG4-З (type В) is a probe-type thermometer designed for measuring temperatures of air, loose and liquid media, including concrete mixture during its warming-up (hardening) in winter concrete-laying of monolithic structures of buildings;
МG4-P (type С) is a contact-type thermometer designed for measuring temperatures of solid surfaces, including the temperatures while running thermovisual (thermophysical) studies of building enclosures.
Electronic unit functions:
Modules programming (interval and duration of measurements);
Acquisition and storage of data from 20 modules;
— Transfer of data to a PC as spreadsheets and graphic display of the temperature value with time for further processing and printing;
— Control of power supply cells and the unit itself.
Module functions:
— Measurement and storage of up to 1,000 temperature values within the user-defined time intervals;
— Transfer of data from the module’s memory to the electronic unit archive.

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