IТ-7 Portable Digital Probe Thermometer

IТ-7 Portable Digital Probe Thermometer
IТ-7 Portable Digital Probe Thermometer
IТ-7 Portable Digital Probe Thermometer
IТ-7 Portable Digital Probe Thermometer
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  • Warranty: 24 months

IT-7 Portable Digital Probe Thermometer is designed for measuring temperature of gaseous, liquid and loose media and surface temperatures of solids, depending on the design make.
The thermometer is produced with an embedded temperature sensor for which a resistance thermometer of platinum Pt1000 and the temperature coefficient α=0.385 0С-1 as per GOST Р 8.625−2006 is used.
The new IТ-7 Portable Digital Thermometer is indispensable where mechanical strength, stability at low operating temperatures, a bright indicator easily visible in the darkness, ease of maintenance and calibration, and high measurement precision are of paramount priority. IТ-7 Probe Thermometer can be used to monitor temperatures of asphalt bituminous mixtures during roads construction, temperatures of frozen meat in freezing chambers, heat medium in the system of residential community services, etc.
Statistics report that in 80% of cases, portable devices break down because of cuts or short-circuits in the cable that connects a device and a sensor.
Since IТ-7 is not equipped with a cable, its operational reliability has gone up several times. IТ-7 Thermometer is manufactured with probes of various designs.
IТ-7 Thermometer can be supplied with various probe lengths, as specified in the application.
Probe length, mm 120 200 300 400 600 800 1000
Probe length, mm 4 4 4 5 5 6 6
  • Strong housing
  • Operating temperature from minus 40°С
  • Electronic circuit and an indicator in the sensor’s handle
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • High precision
  • Indication of a temperature sensor’s fault

Average time to failure
не менее 20000 hrs
Average lifespan
5 yrs
Voltage on the network
1,5 В (источник питания – элемент питания типа LR1) V
не более 0,18 kg
-50…+200 °C
Temperature measurement error
±0,9 °C
Continuous operation time of the device
0,5...85 hrs
Electronic module
110, d= 31 mm
120...1000, d=6 mm
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