TMP-2 Thermometer

TMP-2 Thermometer
TMP-2 Thermometer
TMP-2 Thermometer
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  • Warranty: 12 months

Advantages of the TMP-2 thermometer:

— independence of measuring results on ambient temperature and supply voltage;- backlight of character indicator;- battery discharge monitoring;- the sensor is made of stainless steel.

The device can be delivered with additional accessories (optional):

— leather jacket;- twisted or straight connecting cable;- external power source with AC adapter;- charger.

Registered in State Register of measurement instrumentation under No. 23 722−02, and approved for use by GosStandard of Russia, Certificate of GosStandard, RF 13 311.
TMP-2 (compact semiconductor thermometer) is a measuring device with built-in power source, and used for the control temperature of liquid, granular, pasteurized, and frozen food products during manufacturing, storing and handling.
The TMP-2 thermometer is also used to monitor the technological process. The device meets the performance specification according the TU 4211−301−57 888 324−2002 standard.
  • The sensor is made of stainless steel
  • Battery discharge monitoring
  • Backlight of character indicator

-20...+120 °C
Temperature measurement error
±0,5 °C
Average lifespan
3 yrs
Supply voltage
батарея 9 V
0,2 kg
Electronic module
125х70х25 mm
120...180, d=2,5 mm
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