Instrument Flushing Kit

Instrument Flushing Kit
Instrument Flushing Kit
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  • Один комплект на 3 месяца
  • Срок годности 1,5 года
  • Эффективность
  • Обеспечивает чистоту измерительной камеры
  • Не вызывает аллергии
  • Уникальная, трехкомпонентная структура

  • Efficiency
  • Ensures purity of measuring cell
  • Does not cause allergy
  • Unique, two-component structure

Klever-2 milk quality analyzer is a technically sophisticated instrument. Its measurement precision and durability fully rely on careful handling and thorough flushing of its measuring cell.
To ensure normal operation of the instrument, it is necessary to flush the measuring cell daily upon completion of measurements, since the bacteria and spores of microscopic mycelial fungi contained in the residues of milk products and water in favourable conditions start reproducing, which entails contamination and formation of mucous deposit on the inner surface of the measuring cell and may be the cause of organic and mineral deposits formation.
Flushing of instruments with synthetic detergents having bio-additives suffers from substantial shortcomings. Household powdered detergents contain up to 20% of organic chemical compounds — dyes, aromatizing agents, optical whiteners, enzymes whose particles sediment in the pores of silicone tubes, on the inner surface of the measuring cell and require additional efforts for their removal. Since organic residues are potential nutrition for microorganisms and thus a favourable environment for their reproduction, the flushing efficiency of this method is low.
We have developed a flushing procedure which provides cleanness and sterility of the measuring cell. To perform washing, we recommend using Aceptodyne anti-infective agent and Alubrake-Extra which are shipped in the package bundle.
The agents are not toxic, do not cause allergies nor produce a harmful effect upon the materials of the measuring cell of the instrument and the environment.
Using the recommended flushing procedure, it suffices to apply one kit of cleaning agents to provide cleanness of the measuring cell for 3 months.
It is possible to download video materials, which visually demonstrate the sequence of the washing procedure.

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