Attested Milk Mixture

Attested Milk Mixture
Attested Milk Mixture
Attested Milk Mixture
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  • Объем - 200 / 500 мл.
  • Возможность контрольного измерения по ГОСТу
  • Поверка показаний прибора на месте

  • Volume — 200 ml

The attested mixture is produced from sterilized homogenized milk. The sample content (fat, protein, lactose, ash) was defined using direct attested methodologies only.
The mixture can be used for inter-lab comparative tests, and in-lab QCA data check. The attested mixture can also be used in verification and checking stability of calibration characteristics for any measurement instrumentation used for milk analysis.
Caution: For this attested mixture, adequate readings can be produced only for milk analyzers Klever-2 and Klever-2M that have been produced or passed a scheduled maintenance at the manufacturing plant after 1 May, 2009.
The purchased product is supplied with a QCA protocol issued by the laboratory of OOO NPP Biomer.

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