TKA-PKM Model 20

TKA-PKM Model 20
TKA-PKM Model 20
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  • Warranty: 12 months

Combined device TKA-PKM is designed to measure the following:

— air relative humidity;

— air temperature;

— air motion velocity;

— illumination in the visible spectrum (380−760 nm);

— irradiance in the spectral range (200−280) nm -UV-C, (280−315) nm -UV-V, (315−400) nm -UV-A;

— brightness of extended self-luminous objects and the rate of illumination pulsation.

Among other options, TKA-PKM device displays estimated readings calculated on the base of measured parameters: temperature values of a humid thermometer, temperature of the dew point, index of the heat load in the environment (TNS-index), average radiation temperature, and the density of heat radiation flow.

TKA-PKM device is used in the following areas: sanitary and engineering supervision in residential and production premises, museums, libraries, archives; attestation of work places and other activities.

The operating principle of the device is about conversion of optical radiation into a photo flux by the photo detector, as well as conversion of physical parameters of the environment using a moisture sensor, a sensor of the air motion velocity, and a temperature sensor into an electrical signal, with further processing and indication of measurement results and calculations.

The combined device TKA-PKM is produced in a compact portable make. On the housing of the instrument, there are the following items: an LCD indicator, controls, marking labels, and a remote probe with sensors of measured parameters. Depending on the composition and number of measured parameters, the probe can be installed either on the housing of TKA-PKM device, or on the probe head connected to the main housing by means of a communication cable. Photo detector cells with corrective filters which form the spectral characteristics of channels are in the probe head.

On the rear wall of the signal processing unit, there is a battery compartment lid.

  • Increased speed
  • High-precision platinum temperature sensor
  • Low power consumption

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