GFTH 95 Digital Hygrograph-Thermometer

GFTH 95 Digital Hygrograph-Thermometer
GFTH 95 Digital Hygrograph-Thermometer
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  • Warranty: 6 months

GREISINGER GFTH 95 digital thermo-hygrograph is designed for instant measurements of air humidity and temperature in premises where electronic data processing is performed, in museums, galleries, churches, administrative, residential and warehousing premises, in greenhouses, swimming-pools, production premises, in the freezing equipment and air-conditioners, for the expert assessment of building structures, construction physics, and expert assessment of damages.

Operating Principle

During measurements of temperature or relative humidity, the measured parameters are converted into digital values which are displayed on the digital indicator of GREISINGER GFTH 95 thermo-hygrograph.

The trouble-free operation and reliability of the thermo-hygrograph can be guaranteed only if the climatic conditions are observed. If GREISINGER GFTH 95 thermo-hygrograph was moved from cold to warmth, the condensation of the environment may result in the drop of functions. In that case, make sure that the temperature of thermo-hygrograph matches the ambient temperature. The temperature or humidity measurements are selectable with switches on the right side of the instrument.

The sensor of humidity and temperature is located in the protruding head of the sensor. Make sure the holes are not clogged. Inadequate use may result in the damage of the sensor. Avoid mechanical effects upon GREISINGER GFTH 95 thermo-hygrograph, otherwise this may result in the rupture of the sensors. To ensure precise measurements, the instrument must be corrected for the ambient temperature.

If the thermo-hygrograph is held in hands, then during the measurements the heat of the body and your breath may affect the variations of temperature and humidity. To minimize these factors, hold GREISINGER GFTH 95 thermo-hygrograph at a substantial distance from the sensor, if possible. Besides, try to avoid breathing on the sensor. To produce optimum measurement results, place the thermo-hygrograph and read the data from the display at a certain distance once the permanent measurement value is displayed.

If the В’BATВ label is displayed in the left corner, the battery is discharged and should be replaced. However, the thermo-hygrograph can be operated for some short period of time.

Measurement range
-20...+70 °C
Relative humidity
10...95 %
Measurement deviation
±0,5 °C
Relative humidity
2 %
Operating range
Ambient air temperature
-20...+70 °C
Relative humidity of the air
0...80 %
Atmospheric pressure
84,0...106,7 kPa
Overall dimensions of the device
106x67x30 mm
Remote probe
35, d=14 mm
0,135 kg
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