TGTs-MG4.01 Digital Thermo-Hygrograph

TGTs-MG4.01 Digital Thermo-Hygrograph
TGTs-MG4.01 Digital Thermo-Hygrograph
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  • Warranty: 18 months

Has been filed into the State Register of the Russian Federation under No. 35 319−07, is being added to the national registers of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Certificate No. 893 System for certification of measurement instrumentation of the Russian Federation, No. 40 080 159

TGTs-MG4.01 digital thermo-hygrograph is designed to measure relative humidity in nonaggressive gaseous media of industrial and residential premises, in drying and climatic chambers, and ventilation systems.

The instrument is made as an electronic unit with an external probe having a converter of humidity and temperature, equipped with features of real-time measurements of air humidity and temperature, as well as determining the temperature of the dew point.

Additionally, TGTs-MG4.01 provides measurements in the mode of observation with the automatic recording of air humidity and temperature, temperature of the dew point in user-defined intervals.

Duration of observations—up to 24 hours (up to 72 hours, by a special order).

Programmable between 10 and 120 minutes.

Volume of data archived—up to 200 measurement results. TGTs-MG4.01 digital thermo-hygrograph is equipped with a real-time clock, communicates with the PC.

  • Rapid and fast measurement of the relative humidity
  • Simplicity and convenience of operation
  • Environmental safety
  • Communication with computer

Measurement range
-30...+85 °C
Relative humidity
0...99,9 %
Measurement deviation
±0,5 °C
Relative humidity
±3 %
Operating range
Ambient air temperature
0...40 °C
Relative humidity of the air
0...80 %
Overall dimensions of the device
160х70х30 mm
Remote probe
250, d=22 mm
0,38 kg
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