Somatos Mini Viscometric Milk Analyzer

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Somatos Mini Viscometric Milk Analyzer
Somatos Mini Viscometric Milk Analyzer
Somatos Mini Viscometric Milk Analyzer
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  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Simplicity and convenience of operation
  • Low price
  • Compact design

Somatos Mini viscometric milk analyzer is designed to control milk and determine the number of somatic cells by the relative viscosity measured by the time it takes for the controlled sample to flow out through the capillary.
The method for determining the number of somatic cells in milk used in this analyzer is fully compliant with the standards of the Russian Federation (GOST 23 453−90).
Fields of application: milk farms, regional veterinary and milk laboratories, enterprises of the milk industry. Somatos Mini is a compact, inexpensive and easily serviced device for determining the amount of somatic cells in milk using the Mastoprim compound.
Somatos Mini is a modification of the Somatos analyzer of somatic cells, which has approved itself in the Russian market.

Measurement range
The number of somatic cells
90...1500 th in 1cm³
Time of liquid outflow
0,1...99,9 sec
Relative error of measurement Viscosity
5 %
Measurement time
Supply voltage
220 V
Power consumption
20 W
2 kg
290х270х180 mm
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