рХ-150.1MI Ion Meter, Nitrate Meter

рХ-150.1MI Ion Meter, Nitrate Meter
рХ-150.1MI Ion Meter, Nitrate Meter
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  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Damp-proof housing
  • Combined power supply (standalone, and from 220V AC mains)
  • Automatic parameters diagnostics of the electrode system
  • Electrodes and a tripod in the delivery set

The nitrate meter рХ-150.1MI is designed to measure activity indicator for nitrate ions, as well as their mass fraction in accord with the attested methodologies for conducting measurements, as well temperatures of aqueous solutions.
рХ-150.1MI is a portable microprocessor-controlled instrument powered from both the AC mains and the battery and can be used at laboratories of agricultural, foods enterprises, commercial organisations, and other branches of national economy, as well as in the sphere of environmental protection.
To measure activity (concentration) of NO-3 ions, an electrode system comprising a measuring electrode and a reference electrode is used. As a measuring electrode, the membrane ion-selective electrode ELIS-121(NO3) is used, with the silver-chloride electrode ESr-10 103/3.5 used as the reference electrode. Electrodes of other types offering similar metrological (including combined) characteristics can be used either.
рХ-150.1MI allows storing up to 30 measurement results in memory, as well as stopping the process of measurements with the current reading retained on the display.

Measurement range
PX (pH)
Nitrate concentration
0,001...99000 mg/kg
Measurement deviation
PX (pH)
Nitrate concentration
±0,1 mg/kg
0,3 kg
190 x 95 x 55 mm
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