Anion-4101 Ion Meter

Anion-4101 Ion Meter
Anion-4101 Ion Meter
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  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Memory for 6 calibrations
  • Combined power supply
  • Electronic notepad
  • Real-time clock and calendar
  • Connection to the PC
  • LCD backlit
  • Automatic and manual thermal compensation

Laboratory ion meter, basic model of ANION ion meters.
ANION 4101 ion-meter is designed to conduct measurements in liquid media: indicator of рХ (рН) ion activity, oxidation-reduction potential Eh, concentration of nitrates, and temperature.
The instrument has one physical potentiometric input for electrodes, but allows storing calibration parameters for 6 electrode systems in memory.
Semi-automatic calibration from 2 to 6 points allows for optimum calibration of the device, based on required measurement range.
Integrated electronic notepad for 199 memory units allows for registration of measurement results in both manual and automatic mode. The instrument is equipped with LCD backlit to provide comfortable operation in conditions of insufficient illumination.
The standard set shall include: ANION 4101 potentiometric converter, AC adapter, and thermal sensor. Electrodes are shipped under a separate order.

Measurement range
PX (pH)
Activity of nitrate ions
1...6 rNOз
±2000 mV
0...100 °C
Measurement deviation
PX (pH)
Activity of nitrate ions
±0,05 rNOз
±2 mV
±0,3 °C
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