Orion Luminoscope

Orion Luminoscope
Orion Luminoscope
Orion Luminoscope
Orion Luminoscope
Orion Luminoscope
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Designed to measure quality of food products using the luminescent analysis technique at the laboratories of disease and sanitation inspection, sanitary and epidemiological supervision, sanitary nutritional and engineering laboratories of the public catering enterprises.
Luminescent analysis allows for detection of the initial deterioration of food products. This technique makes it easy to draw up findings regarding the quality of food products and thus prevent the emergence of food poisoning.
The Orion luminoscope allows for conducting the following luminescent examinations:

 — Analysis of vegetable oils

— Determination of meat freshness

— Analysis of meat affected by cisticerci

— Measurement of quality of stewed fish

— Measurement of quality of salted herring

— Analysis of curds

— Analysis of cheese

— Analysis of potatoes struck by phytophthora

— Analysis of frost-damaged potatoes

— Analysis of vegetables

— Analysis of fruits

— Analysis of mushrooms

— Analysis of pickled mushrooms

— Analysis of flour and grain

— Analysis of fruit juices and wines

  • Stands out for high sensitivity and speed
  • Luminescent analysis technique

Working wavelength
360±30 nm
Measurement mode
. cyclic
Continuous operation time of the device
не более 0.5 hrs
Duration of the break
5 min
The highest height of the test sample
85 mm
Supply voltage
220 V
Power consumption
80 W
5 kg
250х200х290 mm
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