Filin Luminoscope

Filin Luminoscope
Filin Luminoscope
Filin Luminoscope
Filin Luminoscope
Filin Luminoscope
Filin Luminoscope
Filin Luminoscope
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  • Luminescent analysis technique
  • Simplicity and ease to use
Designed to measure food products quality. It is also used for visual diagnostics of capillary extracts, bore mud and core for the purpose of detection of bituminous substances as well as their distribution pattern, by exposing the sample to ultraviolet radiation.
Operating principle
The operating principle is based on the property of oil, asphaltenes and other bitumoids to fluoresce when exposed to ultraviolet light of the wavelength 364 nm generated by a special source of UV-beams.
Available methodologies
— Oils and fats: checking purity of vegetable oils, detection of butter forged with margarine and fats;
— Meat: determination of meat freshness, detection of falsifications of minced meat with byproducts;
— Fish: determination of quality of fresh and salted fish;
— Milk and milk products: estimation of milk and curd quality;
— Potatoes and vegetables: detection of potatoes struck with phytophthora, frost-damaged vegetables, estimation of freshness of fruits;
— Juices and wines: detection of falsification of red grape wines with fruit-and-berry wines;
— Flour and grain: estimation of quality, and detection of the species character of flour and grain.
The luminoscope is designed for use at the laboratories of disease and sanitation inspection, sanitary and epidemiological stations, commercial and reprocessing enterprises, at the stations of geological-technical studies, mobile and stationary geological-geochemical and petrophysical laboratories.

UV irradiation of the controlled surface
5 mW/cm²
Working wavelength
364 nm
Power consumption
350 W
3,7 kg
190x250x290 mm
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