IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter

IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter
IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter
IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter
IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter
IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter
108 000
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  • Warranty: 1 year

Certificate: RU.C.28.004.А N 10 620. Number in the State Register of Measurement Instrumentation: 21 636−01.
IDK-3M Gluten Deformation Meter is designed to control the quality of gluten in wheat grain and flour of macaroni and bread-baking milling through compression load between two planes for 30 seconds. The quality of gluten is determined by its ability to resist to deformation load.
The precision of IDK-3M Deformation Meter allows for precise determination of gluten quality group while solving disputable issues arising during analysis the reading of which are at the boundary of two quality groups.
IDK-3M device offers high precision measurement of wheat weak gluten for the purpose of optimum selection of modifiers to impart higher bread-baking properties to wheat.
The gluten deformation measurement process is fully automated and takes no more than 35 sec., with the measurement results instantly displayed on a digital display.
IDK-3M Meter offers a system of inner diagnostics, which eliminates tuning and adjustment of the device for the whole period of operation.
The measurement process using IDK-3M is fully automated, with the measurement results instantly displayed on a digital display. IDK-ЗM Meter offers a single calibration number for all devices. The principal difference of IDK-ЗM from IDK-3 batch-produced model is in the simpler design, which provides increased reliability and noiseless operation of the device.
The method for gluten quality determination using a device of IDK type is standardised (GOST 13 586.1−68 and 27 839−88). The device is easy-to-use, it offers increased reliability and does not require long and special training of the operator.
IDK-3M Meter is used at laboratories of grain-reception, flour-milling, bread-baking enterprises, State Grain Inspection, agricultural enterprises and organisations, scientific research institutions involved in quality assessment of wheat grain and its derivatives.
  • Automated measurement process which fully eliminates the human effect upon the measurement processes.
  • No manual adjustments and calibrations. All the adjustments are made by the device diagnostic system automatically without human attendance.
  • The wide measurement range within 0 to 150.7 IDK standard units allows for high precision of weak gluten determination within the range from 120 to 150.7 IDK standard units aimed at optimum selection of modifiers.
  • The error of ±0.5 IDK standard units within all measured range allows for a precise determination of gluten quality group when the analyses indicators are at the boundary of two groups.
  • Simple and easy-to-use

Measurement mode
Автоматический cyclic
Limits of measurement of gluten deformation
0...150,7 усл. ед. ИДК
Weight of the mobile calibrated load
120 g
Power supply
110...240 V
Power consumption
20 W
200 х 110 х 240 mm
1,7 kg
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