IRF-454 B2M Refractometer

IRF-454 B2M Refractometer
IRF-454 B2M Refractometer
IRF-454 B2M Refractometer
IRF-454 B2M Refractometer
IRF-454 B2M Refractometer
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Application: quantitative and qualitative analysis of food substances (juices, wines, jams, beverages, milk and milk products, confectionery and bakery), chemical agent, mineral oils (content of aromatic hydrocarbon, tars, determination of aniline point), biological fluids (blood, urine, etc.).Used in glass, food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, and also in research institutes. The refractometer must be operated in a room with conditioned air, at temperature from 18 to 22 °C, and at relative humidity not more than 80%. The device is light-weighted, easy to operate and maintain.

The IRF-464−454 B2M multipurpose laboratory refractometer is a high-accuracy optical device designed to determine refraction index, dispersion index of liquids and rigid bodies, and sugar content in water solutions.
The principle of operation of the refractometer is based on the phenomenon of full internal reflection of the light, while it is passing through the dividing line of two mediums with different refraction indexes. It is quite enough to use only one or more drops of the tested substance in order to receive an accurate measuring result.
The refractometer is equipped with measuring flow-through cell. It is possible to carry out measurements in wide temperature range (from 10 to 60°С). The built-in thermometer allows for control of the temperature within 1.0 °С accuracy.
The device is able to operate both in direct, and in reflected light (to study clear and turbid mediums, respective).
  • Determines sugar content in water solutions
  • Determines refraction index
  • Determines dispersion index of liquids and rigid bodies
  • High-accuracy optical device
  • Only a drop of the substance is needed for an accurate result

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