ELIT-221 (F) Electrode

ELIT-221 (F) Electrode
ELIT-221 (F) Electrode
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Laboratory solid-contact fluoride-selective electrode with a crystalline membrane. Suitable for operation with various modern laboratory ion-meters.

Impeding ions are Fe3+, Al3+.

Choosing an ion-selective electrode, first of all make sure the measurement technique is applicable to the specific conditions. In case of any problems, contact the experts or developers of the measurement methodology. Remember that most ion-selective electrodes do not offer high selectivity and demonstrate a fairly narrow measurement range which makes up 4 to 6 orders of concentrations. While making decision to purchase a specific electrode, it is important to thoroughly estimate its specifications, recommendations for use and impeding ions.

Measurement range
0,000001...0,1 mol/l
Operating range
4...7 pH
Operating temperature
5...50 °C
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