Laboratory balances VLTE-210

Laboratory balances VLTE-210
Laboratory balances VLTE-210
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  • Warranty: 3 years

According to GOST 24 104−2001 standard, the VLTE-type electronic tensometric balance meets the metrological requirements completely, which are demanded of scales with a high grade of accuracy.
A key feature of the VLTE- type balance is the use of the strain sensors as sensitive elements. The resistance of the resistive strain sensors is changed while the mechanical load is changing.
The VLTE- type balance makes use of the most recent accomplishments in weight measuring technology. The design of the scale is provided for the digital read-out of the received measurement result, taking into account the tare weights through the weighing range, external calibration, overload protection, and possibility of operating with 9V battery power supply. The software for the VLTE- balance ensures possibility of prescribed weighing, counting similar components, mass units shifting, tare weight storing, and weight determination for unstable specimens (animals).
The scale is supplied with the following application programs:
— program for mass units shifting depending on the region and country application;
— program of prescribed weighing, that allows to weigh multi-component compositions;
— program of counting similar components;
— program of percentage weighing, when the weight is expressed in percentage of previously measured mass recognized as 100% specimen;
— program of weight determination for unstable specimens which allows for weight measurement of animals and other unstable objects
  • Digital read-out of received measurement result
  • External calibration
  • Overload protection
  • Mass units shifting
  • Tare weight storing
  • Weight determination for unstable specimen
  • The case is made of high-strength plastic
  • Possibility to connect to PC

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