C-100 Purified Water Collector

C-100 Purified Water Collector
C-100 Purified Water Collector
71 000
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  • Warranty: 18 months

Purified water collectors are designed to accumulate, distribute and store purified water. They can be easily integrated with distillers.
Registration Certificate No. FSR 2008/3 609 issued on November 10, 2008. (Purified Water Collectors) by THE FEDERAL SERVICE ON SURVEILLANCE IN HEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
The main components of collectors are made of food stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т.
The collectors are manufactured as per TU 9452−012−22 213 860−2008 standard
The collectors are equipped with the following:

— Device to switch off the distiller once the tank is full;

— Water level column;

— Water distribution tap;

— Device to integrate collectors into a chain of purified water.

  • Can be integrated with a distiller
  • Designed to accumulate purified water
  • Designed to distribute purified water
  • Designed to store purified water

100 l
Electrical control circuits
12 или 220 V
560х580х725 mm
13,5 kg
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