Distilling apparatus DV-4М

Distilling apparatus DV-4М
Distilling apparatus DV-4М
Distilling apparatus DV-4М
Distilling apparatus DV-4М
Distilling apparatus DV-4М
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Medical Electrical Aqua Distiller is designed to recover distilled water of medical, technical and household use.
Medical institutions and chemical laboratories need highly purified water which fully meets hygiene regulations and established standards.
The world practice recognises the distillation (Lat. distillatio: dripping) method of water purification as the most effective one. The distillation process is fully similar to the natural water circulation process (evaporation, condensation and gathering of water as precipitation) and is one of the most universal water purification methods, allowing for purification of any water, regardless of its initial properties.
To produce distilled water that is used not only for medical but also for household and technical needs, an electrical aqua distiller is used.
Depending on the application domain, performance and other main properties, distillers are classified into the two main types: desktop (household) and industrial (laboratory). Unlike the household units, the industrial one is designed for a floor-standing installation. It can be connected to the water-supply line and offers increased performance. Industrial units allow for producing both cooled and hot distilled water, with the housing and components made of stainless steel making the device suitable for prolonged intensive operation. The laboratory distiller is used not only for water purification but also for separation of complex multi-component mixtures, which makes its application sphere wide enough to cover pharmaceutical, food, alcohol, and perfume-cosmetic industries. The resultant water (distillate) can be used for household and many other purposes, in particular, for pouring into car battery cells.
Distillation as a water purification method is based on water evaporation during which the solved and unsolved mixtures are eliminated. A modern distiller also operates following this simple principle because its efficiency has been repeatedly verified in practice.
In an electric distiller, water is brought to the boiling point by means of an electric heater, which results in generation of a vapour not comprising any mechanical particles or heavy mixtures. An industrial distiller allows for purifying water against bacteria, salts and organic compounds, hard and colloidal particles. The purified vapour is fed to the condenser cooled by tap water, which results in generation of a pure distillate. The specific of this method is that the water is separated from mixtures, whereas traditional purification methods merely imply filtration of water against contamination. To separate water from volatile organic compounds, post-treatment filters are installed, and repeated distillation of purified water results in bi-distillate formation.

Optional bundle items

1. Spare thermal electric heating tube in a kit.

2. A purified water collector.

Optional bundle items can be ordered separately.

Water consumption
30 L/h
нержавеющая сталь
Supply voltage
220 V
Power consumption
3000 W
580х360х260 mm
12 kg
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