"OChM-M" milk purity analyzer

"OChM-M" milk purity analyzer
"OChM-M" milk purity analyzer
"OChM-M" milk purity analyzer
"OChM-M" milk purity analyzer
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Function and Design

ОChМ is designed for determining milk purity level at milk reception centres, commercial milk ranches, butter-making and cheese-making factories.
The device consists of the following main parts: profiled vessel, vessel holder, platform, net, support, and a 250 ml measuring glass.

Setup Procedures

The device is screwed on to a table or bench. One end of a rubber pipe is connected to the nipple, with the other end put into a bucket or a churn. (If the rubber pipe is unavailable, a bucket is located under the nipple of the device).
The milk to be analysed is mixed, and a wadding filter is placed so that it would cover the net completely, extending evenly over the net hole edges. At this moment the vessel holder shall be raised. Then the vessel holder is lowered, and the spring forces it tight against the vessel holder.

Milk Purity Determination

The milk to be analysed is mixed thoroughly, and after that 250 ml of milk is taken immediately with a measuring glass and poured into the profiled vessel.
Once the milk portion is filtered, the vessel holder is tilted, and the wadding filter is removed gently and placed onto a sheet of a white parchment paper or calendered paper.
The milk purity class is determined by comparing the filter with the established reference.
The sample data, name of the farm from which the milk was supplied, date and month of the analysis are written on the paper under the filter.
Once the milk samples are analysed, all components of the device are thoroughly washed with hot water and dried.
Washing the device with alkali solutions, i.e. sodium carbonate, alkali liquor, etc. is prohibited.
The devices should be stored in dry warm area.


The delivery set should include:

— Device assembly: 1 pc;

— Measuring glass with a handle: 1 pc;

— Operation manual: 1 pc.

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