ТКА-LUX Lux Meter

ТКА-LUX Lux Meter
ТКА-LUX Lux Meter
19 550
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  • Warranty: 1 year

The device is designed for measuring luminance generated by various sources arbitrarily positioned in space. It is used at industrial enterprises and organisations, educational institutions, scientific centres, museums, libraries, enterprises of transport and communications, centres for metrology and certification, medical institutions, national sanitary supervision centres (Gossanepidnadzor), etc.
Monitoring the level of ultraviolet radiation is one of the important prerequisites for labour safety, healthy microclimate in various storages (archives), provision of the required conditions for plants growth and ripening, and is a vital element of an optimum healing and cosmetic effect in medicine.

Krona battery cell is used as the power source for ТКА-PKM device.

  • Ease and reliability of operation
  • Affordable price

1...200 000 лк
Limit of permissible relative error
± 6,0 %
Photometric head at angles
5 градусов ± 0,5 %
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