SHATOX SX-100M Octane Meter

SHATOX SX-100M Octane Meter
SHATOX SX-100M Octane Meter
SHATOX SX-100M Octane Meter
SHATOX SX-100M Octane Meter
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  • Warranty: 1 year

SHATOX SX-100M Octane meter is designed to measure octane number of petrol and cetane number of diesel fuel. Its operating principle is based on the measurement of fuel dielectric conductivity.
SHATOX SX-100M octane meter performs equally adequate measurements of parameters for both ethylated and non-ethylated petrols, as well as petrols having various additives. The device design and its measurement algorithm provide a high noise immunity and thus a high stability of measurement results. The device can be tuned for the measurement of parameters of fuel non-standard types, e.g. gas-condensate or straight-run petrols. Such tuning can be done by an advanced user on his own, without contacting the manufacturer.
The time taken to determine the petrol grade does not exceed 5 seconds. The whole measurement process is automated. The octane meter is easy-to-use and does not require extra tuning and maintenance. SHATOX SX-100M octane meter is assembled in a strong, gasoline-resistant housing, offers a vast number of integral parameters for commercial grades of petrol and diesel fuels. The device is equipped with a four-line matrix LCD screen which simultaneously displays the octane number of petrol being analyzed using the research and motor methods, as well as the temperature of sample. In testing diesel fuels, the screen displays the cetane number of sample being analyzed and, optionally, chilling temperature and type of diesel fuel.
The octane meter offers 6 operating modes, with the following 3 being the primary modes:
— basic mode, used to determine octane numbers of commercial petrols;
— mode to deal with low-octane petrols produced through compounding;
— mode to determine cetane number of diesel fuel, chilling temperature, and type of diesel fuel (summer, winter, arctic).

  • Allows for analyzing petrols with any additives
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Shock-proof seal housing
  • Connection to the PC

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