PZh 2-50 Densitometer

PZh 2-50 Densitometer
PZh 2-50 Densitometer
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PZh-50 densitometers are used to determine the density of fluids. Measurements of fluid density are carried out based on the weight difference for an empty densitometer filled up to a mark on the neck.

Make 2 of densitometers: neck, joint box, interchangeable cone KSh 10/19, a glass reground massive plug, one mark around the neck.

Make 2a of densitometers: neck—onto the interchangeable cone w/o regrinding, plastic plug, one mark around the neck. Plug notation—10/19.

Made of glass of the grades KhS-3, NS-3, TS.

Example name for orders: PZh-2−50 or PZh-2а-50 densitometer.

The densitometer is a glass jar of a special shape and a certain capacity. Density measurement with a densitometer is based on weighing the substance (normally, in a liquid state) inside it and which fills the densitometer up to a mark on the neck or to the upper edge of the capillary, which is equivalent to the nominal capacity of the densitometer.

Major advantages of the densitometer method for density determination:

— high precision of measurements (up to 10−5 g/cm3);

— use of small quantities of substance (0.5−100 cm3);

— small area of free surface of liquid in the densitometer, which virtually eliminates liquid evaporation and moisture absorption from air; and

— separate operations of temperature control and further weighing.

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