Okhotnik Estrometer

Okhotnik Estrometer
Okhotnik Estrometer
Okhotnik Estrometer
Okhotnik Estrometer
Okhotnik Estrometer
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Okhotnik estrometer is designed to detect the rut period among cows and heifers, and to optimise the time spent for insemination of live-stock animals. Okhotnik estrometer is a portable electronic instrument with a self-contained power supply. Due to the self-contained power supply, Okhotnik estrometer can be used not only at animal-breeding farms of various categories, but also at pastures, summer camps, etc.

Operating Principle and the Arrangement

The physical-chemical properties of secretions in female genital tracts are closely related to the physiological functions of the ovaries. In the rut period, the moisture of mucous membrane of the vagina goes up and reaches the maximum as there are mature follicles in the ovaries. During this period, the electrical resistance of the surface being examined changes sharply, which is registered by Okhotnik estrometer.
Thereafter, as the follicle has grown mature and the ovule moves out, the electrical resistance changes, thus the moisture of the mucous membrane changes, which is also indicated by the instrument.
While an animal is in the «service period» and in the pregnancy state (from 3 to 8 months), the electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus is at some specific values, which is also detected by the digital indicator.
Summing up all the above, we can state that Okhotnik estrometer designed to detect the rut stage allows to find out if an animal is in the service period or it is pregnant.
It should be taken into account that the accumulated statistical data and findings hold true for healthy animals.
In terms of design, Okhotnik estrometer comprises a basic electronic unit connected to the electrode sensor with a plug-and-socket cable. To recharge the battery, the instrument comes bundled with a cable to connect to the 220 V/50 Hz mains.
The sensor of the instrument is manufactured from an elastic material, which allows keeping an anatomically correct position while the sensor is inserted into the animal’s vagina, thus making the measurement procedure atraumatic. To measure the readings, at the end of the sensor there is a small cup to collect the vaginal mucus with a sensitive element.
On the front side of the base unit, there is an LCD digital indicator equipped with a backlit for operation in the conditions of dim illumination.
On the side panel of the base unit, there is a power button, and a LED indicating that the instrument is on.
Compact in its size and mobile, Okhotnik estrometer is a reliable assistance for both an insemination operator and a veterinary doctor. The instrument allows attaining a substantial saving in costs due to selection of the optimum time for animal insemination.
The efficiency of using the method has been approved by the respective clinical test reports and feedback from practicing specialists.
  • Allows increasing insemination efficiency from 35 to 100% for various groups of animals
  • Facilitates the job of specialists due to the reduction in the number of rectal studies, reduced time spent for a diagnostic procedure (5−10 sec)
  • Saves sperm production (due to the possibility of a single-time insemination)
  • Helps detect pregnant cows and cows with signs of a quiet rut
  • Decreases the stress conditions in animals
  • Battery-powered
  • Compact in size and independently powered, the instrument can be used in summer camps and pastures

Continuous operation time of the device
25 hrs
Average time to failure
не менее 5000 hrs
Average lifespan
5 yrs
Ambient air temperature
+1...+40 °C
Relative humidity of the air
80 %
Atmospheric pressure
84...106,7 kPa
Supply voltage
Аккумулятор 9 V
0,8 kg
160х100х80 mm
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