Milk gage (capacity 10 l)

Milk gage (capacity 10 l)
Milk gage (capacity 10 l)
Milk gage (capacity 10 l)
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  • Цена деления 0,1 л
  • Крупные цифры и глубокая чеканка мерной линейки обеспечивает легкое чтение показаний
  • Изделие имеет великолепный внешний вид и малый вес, что существенно облегчает работу

The milk meter is designed for daily and monthly registration of milk productivity of lactating domestic animals through measurement of the volume of milk poured into it.
The device is designed for measurement of milk volume and is used at milk-reception and separation stations and at commercial dairy farms.
The milk meter is a cylindrical tinned container of 10 litre capacity and made of steel sheets. Inside the milk meter, there is a float with a measuring bar. As the container is filled with milk, the float emerges and thus moves the bar over the special guides which are a reference point and a milk meter handle at the same time. Scaling factor—0.1 l.
  • All the parts of the milk meter are made of high-quality stainless steel
  • The milk meter offers high precision of measurements
  • Large numbers and deep stamping of the measuring bar facilitate perception of readings.
  • The product offers an outstanding exterior and low weight, which substantially facilitates operation.

Measuring range
1...10 л
Measurement error
0,1 л
Working chamber volume
1,8 kg
214х225х465 mm
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