LOIP LS-110 Mixing Device

LOIP LS-110 Mixing Device
LOIP LS-110 Mixing Device
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  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Containers are fastened with press rollers
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Patterned press rollers for separating funnels
  • Warming up to +100°С

The universal mixing device LOIP LS-110 with analogous control is used for mixing in flasks, separating funnels, and other vessels. This model is equipped with a platform with the option to warm up to +100°С.
Layout of the laboratory glassware:
Conical flasks for 2,000 ml - 2 pcs,
Conical flasks for 1,000 ml - 5 pcs,
Conical flasks for 500 ml - 6 pcs,
Conical flasks for 250 ml - 9 pcs,
Conical flasks for 100 ml - 12 pcs,
Conical flasks for 50 ml - 16 pcs,
Pear-shaped separating funnels for 1,000 ml - 2 pcs.

Type of movement
Oscillation frequency
200 min-1
The amplitude of the platform movement
20 mm
Operating temperature
до +100 °C
Maximum load on the platform
10 kg
Power consumption
300 W
435х310 mm
460х410х210 mm
25 kg
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