KPN-1-5 Switch

KPN-1-5 Switch
KPN-1-5 Switch
KPN-1-5 Switch
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  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Plugging in up to 5 measuring electrodes
  • Manual and automatic switching of channels
  • Ergonomic design

KPN-1−5 Switch is designed to provide simultaneous connection of 1 to 5 measuring electrodes to ion meters and pH-meters of Nitron brand.
With the switch set to Auto position, channels are switched automatically (while changing the modes on the device), and the channel being plugged in is marked by flashing indicator on the switchboard.
Only measuring electrodes having BNC connector are suitable for using KPN-1−5.

Number of switched channels
5 pcs
135х180х50 mm
0,45 kg
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