EKO-1M DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer

EKO-1M DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer
EKO-1M DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer
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  • Warranty: 1 year

The device is designed for monitoring radiation environment, search for radioactive contamination spots, precise laboratory investigations, and individual dosimetry.
The device is used in radiological and isotope laboratories; customs, border control and emergency services; civil defence, governmental and commercial safeguarding institutions; fire and military departments, construction organisations, etc.
All the implemented improvements have allowed an almost 5-fold reduction in an operator’s time spent for one and the same amount of work. Reduced time of radiation exposure protects the operator’s health.

EKO-1М DRGB-01 Dosimeter and Radiometer can be supplied in 5 types of bundled packs:

1. Basic.

2. Device with voicing features.

3. Device with voicing features and a telescopic rod.

4. Device with an external detector.

5. Device with an external detector on a telescopic rod (with a voicing feature).

For the price on a bundle-pack other than a basic configuration, please contact our specialists.

  • Two-coordinate screen menu
  • Animated incoming signals
  • Voicing of measured values
  • Self-diagnostics system
  • Indicator backlit
  • In-measurement adjustability
  • Automatic compensation of memorised background

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