DIST1 Conductometer

DIST1 Conductometer
DIST1 Conductometer
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  • Warranty: 6 months

  • Ergonomic plastic housing
  • Automatic thermal compensation

DIST conductometer is an ideal means to control conductivity.
DIST1 and DIST2 models display measurement results in concentration units (with the conversion factor being 0.5).
DIST3 and DIST4 models display measurement results directly in mmho/cm and mS/cm.
The devices automatically compensate temperature with the fixed rate 1.9%/°С. For this line of devices, we offer Waterproof (WP) models which have a waterproof housing that reliably protects the device electronic part against the exposure of dust, moisture, and dirt, which provides safe operation of the device and high measurement precision in any conditions.
DIST 5 and DIST6 models comprise the features of a thermometer, conductometer, and a salt-meter. They are equipped with a replaceable cell having graphite electrodes, a damp-proof housing, and a large two-line display. The devices are equipped with a readings stability indicator and a mode of automatic calibration for one point.

Measurement range
Salinity measurement
0...1,999 g/l
complete set
0,1 kg
175х41х23 mm
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