Delvotest SP-NT (the Netherlands)

Delvotest SP-NT (the Netherlands)
Delvotest SP-NT (the Netherlands)
Delvotest SP-NT (the Netherlands)
Delvotest SP-NT (the Netherlands)
Delvotest SP-NT (the Netherlands)
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"ДЕЛЬВОТЕСТ" - стандартные диффузионные тесты для определения остаточных количеств антибиотиков и сульфамидных веществ в молоке.

"ДЕЛЬВОТЕСТ" внесен в Национальный Стандарт Российской Федерации – Изменение №2 ГОСТ Р 51600-2000 «Молоко. Методы определения наличия антибиотиков».

  • Reliable and precise
  • Highly sensitive to penicillin substances
  • Easily identified test results
  • Long shelf life

Delvotest is listed in the Russian Federation State Standard GOST 51 600−2000, Amendment No. 2, Milk. Antibiotics Detection Methods.

Medicinal treatment of dairy cattle from various diseases leads to the presence of residual quantities of medicines in milk for a certain period, which is extremely undesirable both in healthcare aspect and for the reasons of technology specific for dairy industry. Thus, there is an instant need of a simple and reliable system for milk assessment for both dairy industry and milk manufacturers who must do their best to avoid medicine residues presence in milk. Hence, DSM Food Specialties Сompany has developed a standard test to detect residual quantities of antibiotics and sulfonamides in milk, which was given the proprietary name of DELVOTEST and has exclusive advantages.

For ampoules incubation (constant temperature maintenance) an original dry heater has been designed, which operates from 220 V AC power supply (there are also versions of dry heater operating from 12 V DC power source to be used in a milk-transporting motor tank truck). The dry heater has a number of solid advantages compared to standard water-baths. The temperature in the ampoule heating zones is controlled with an electric LCD thermometer. Time control is performed with an electronic timer with similar display. Ampoule test kit also includes a syringe and a sufficient quantity of 0.1 ml disposable pipettes for sampling.

Antibiotics of the group
Beta lactam
Temperature control time
180 min
Temperature control
64,5 °C
от 0,0025 µg/g
100 pcs
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